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Making a Sustainable Impact in India: Used Motor Oil Collection Points and Systems!

Author Name

Bhaskaran Nagarajan

Date Published

26 February 2024

Do you know, according to current estimates, the industry generates more than 900,000 MTs of Used Oil, while only half of this amount is recoverable?

In India, Spent Oil constitutes 45% of the recyclable waste among hazardous materials. Within this category, Used Oil accounts for 47%, while Waste Oil represents 53%. To align with Green Principles and foster a fully Circular Economy, the environmentally friendly approach involves re-refining Used Oil, transforming it into lubricant base stock, and further processing it into fuels and other products derived from petroleum.

However, the entire process encounters challenges at each stage. The sector responsible for recycling Used Oil is plagued by numerous unregistered and unorganized players who employ outdated technology. Insufficient implementation of Hazard and Operability (HAZOP)measures renders the re-refining activity unsafe and environmentally hazardous, ultimately negating the purpose of re-refining.

The Global Scenario: Across the globe, numerous collection centers are working diligently to manage used motor oil responsibly. These centers play a pivotal role in collecting, recycling, and repurposing used motor oil, preventing it from polluting our ecosystems and water bodies. By adopting recycling practices, we can save energy, reduce the demand for new oil, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In the Indian context: It is anticipated that significant advancements will occur in the establishment of collection centers across the country after the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for oil. By fostering collaboration between local governments, NGOs, and private enterprises, accessible collection points will be created, facilitating the responsible disposal of used motor oil for individuals and businesses.

However, challenges persist. With the rising demand for oil-based products, it becomes even more crucial to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and expand the network of collection centers to every nook and corner of the country. Collaboration between automobile manufacturers, lubricant suppliers, and waste management companies can strengthen collection infrastructure and streamline the recycling process, creating a closed-loop system for used motor oil.

Let's make a difference together! Share this post, raise awareness, and support the expansion of used motor oil collection centers in India. Together, we can ensure a cleaner, more sustainable planet for future generations. Reach Rosefield Energy Tech for any support and updates.

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